Project Description

IT 4

City fortress of Palmanova



City Fortress of Palmanova represents the strategic centre
for neutralising Ottoman attacks from the East and attacks
from Austria.
From a typological point of view, it is the only new town in the property; an urban nucleus recognized globally, the “ideal fortified city” of Palmanova is the perfect synthesis between military aspects and the civil aspects of renaissance utopias.
The city fortress presents as a centred urban nucleus of 70 hectares, contained within three concentric city walls – two walls are Venetians and the outermost perimeter is French- which give Palmanova its characteristic nine-pointed star shape location in the middle of the plain completely camouflages the massive structure. The inhabited area is organised following strict geometric modules and extends in close connection with the fortified perimeter; these two elements represent an ensemble where each construction work is linked in shape and function with the military structure.


he area of the inscribed zone coincides with the limits of the
area subject to direct monumental obligations. The three fortified walls, the military works and the main civil buildings of the city are under direct monumental restriction, while almost the entirety of the architectural heritage within the city is subjected to indirect monumental restriction.
Furthermore, the entire urban area is identified by the General Urban Plan as “Zone A” of full protection.
The perimeter lies within the protected area identified by the General Urban Plan as “Agricultural Area” subject to environmental protection which identifies a wide buffer zone around the French walls. Regulations are therefore already rather restrictive in reference to new buildings. The areas not covered by this protection – coinciding with the extra-moenia new expansion sectors – have been gathered within the protected area through segments that intersect the three main roads connecting the city-fortress and the surrounding countryside, exceeding the point of limit of vision
of the city gates.