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HR 5

Defensive system of Zadar



Defensive System of Zadar is a nevralgic place for the defence of the sea routes between Venezia and Corfù, but is also the main administrative centre of the “Stato da Mar”.
From a typological point of view, the system is made up of the most important fortified elements for urban defence, built to designs by some of the leading exponents of “alla moderna” Venetian military architecture. For example their ability is evidenced by the main city gate which was built by the famous Michele Sanmicheli. Equally significant was the contribution of Sforza Pallavicino for the Forte. The geo-morphological context formed of the Zadar Peninsula, running parallel to the Adriatic coast, is unique in the series.
The boundary consists of two main structures identified within extensive defence system of the city for their strong representativity, their typological connotation and their state of conservation. The area identifies the segment of bastioned walls facing the port with orientation NW-SE and the segment of walls facing the mainland with orientation SW-NE. In the first sector, the perimeter is set on the profile of the ramparts and the curtains of connection; in the second is including artificial inlet called ‘Fossa’.
The perimeter follows outwards of the city in the area identifies the total area taken from the Fort built by the Venetian Republic as an external additional defence work, in the extra urban area facing the walls (SE). The boundary follows the outer contour of the building complex.


he sectors of bastioned walls identified fall within the national protection system “Zone B”.
The Fort is protected by environmental constraints and landscape characteristics of incorporating in it the urban park.
The buffer zone includes the entire Zadar peninsula, which is largely protected by the current law as “Zone A” of maximum protection. To the west, the perimeter follows the coast including the corridor of water occupied by the port and which separates the coast from the peninsula. On the opposite side, the perimeter includes a large stretch of the Adriatic Sea.
The perimeter of the buffer zone lays on the perimeter of the area identified by protection laws as “Zone B”.